Elite Weekly Pass

1.56k 497
£2.99 / week

*This pass applies to ALL 2stoned servers. You will also gain access
to a VIP only server to test out the custom maps before force wipe*

Elite Perks

(These perks work on the 2stoned modded servers only )

Radial Menu
(The radial menu offers easy access to all custom commands, eliminating the need to type in commands to use your favourite perks. Just click away!)

Building Symmetry
This perk assists you in constructing a symmetrical base, providing a perfect solution for all the OCD builders out there.

Loot Binding

(This perk lets you easily assign a custom bind to loot crates and scientist corpses instantly)

Skin Saver
(This perk allows you to save your favourite skins, and you can switch from one skin to another with ease.)

Craft Menu
(Gives you the ability to craft all DLC items for free. No need to purchases any DLC)

(This allows you to view your in-game stats)

(This grants you access to the server leaderboards and gives you the ability to check other players stats)

Underwear SkinBox
(Get the coconut underwear DLC for free)

Repair Tool
(Allows you to repair their entire base by hitting a part of the building with the hammer.)

Dance DLC 
(Get the Dance DLC emotes for free.)

Auto Doors
(Automatically closes doors behind players after the set amount of seconds.)

(Gain the ability to open your garage + compound doors by beeping the car horn)

(Shows Ammo in a cool UI and gives you a warning when you are running low)

(Adds a range finder to binoculars and any weapon)

Bigger Backpacks
(Get more slots on your backpack to hold more loot)

Epic BattlePass 

(Get all skins in rust for free)

Building Skins
(Get all building DLC skins in rust for free)

Building Grades
(This perk allows players to upgrade your entire base)

Building Workbench
(extend your workbench throughout the entire building)

-Sign Artist (Upload images to signs)

-Smart Gestures (turn on items with gestures)

-Auto Pilot ( Can be used on any vehicle)

-Gun Stats (Shows your kill stats on all guns)

-Box Sorter (Sorts loot in alphabetical order)

-Portable Recycler 

Vanilla server perks

-Custom in-game Chat Colours (You can choose your own colours) 

-(Elite) Tag by your in-game name 

-Queue Skip

-VIP Discord Role 

-Player Connection/Disconnection Logs via Discord 

-In-game chat logs via Discord

-In-game kill feed via Discord

-In-game Event spawns via Discord

-Better Raid Tracker 

All vanilla server perks are included with the modded perks.



*If you have any issues with the purchase of or activation of your pass, please make a support ticket on the discord for the fastest possible resolution.*

This is a subscription pass, and the responsibility for cancelling it lies with you, the customer. You are required to monitor and manage your subscriptions. We are not responsible for cancelling your pass.

No refunds. 

Cancel anytime, free of charge.